On the day of November 20th Mrs. Renata Rzepecka visited the Comprehensive Secondary School Complex no. 2 in Slupsk together with her 2b class.  Our pupils took part in stay and play sessions prepared by the upper secondary school pupils and their tutor Mrs. M. Rzadkowska. It was an event in English involving theater and reading workshops which were devoted to the „Amazing  Animal Hide and Seek”  book by John Rowe. The participation of our pupils took place within the scope of the educational project LET’S TELL A STORY, initiated by Mrs. Renata Rzepecka. The purpose of this project is to arouse interest in English language through the readership.  Our pupils had really great fun and had occasion to work in practice with the English language, whereas Mrs. Renata Rzepecka, the participant of the mobility planned for July, had the occasion to look at the methods and forms of work performed by the foreign language teachers in secondary school.  

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