Martin Sweeney came to visit our school. Our students had the occasion to speak with native Irishman, only in English.  He told us more about his country – Ireland, about the culture, everyday life, and about his passion, which is Windsurfing and… rumbling with sharks.

Our students  told our quest about the Saint Patrick`s day, which took place in our school. They  showed him Irish dance. Thanks to dance party our children could break the language barrier. They gave Martin a book with students’s  drawings as a souvenir.

After couple days we received two parcels from Martin: one contained a work card with an invitation for further cooperation with the Irish Water Safety organization (we will definitely take him up on his offer before the summer holidays), the second one  - an Irish flag and a greeting card from our friend Martin. 

Now we know how important it is to learn English! We can make friendships with people from all over the world!

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