On the day of 9th of December 2016 we organized in our school workshop in methodology under the title „ Super Simple Songs- Let’s share” lead by Mrs. Iwona Kakietek ( „English Languague for Kids”).

The tutors of classes 1-3 and teachers of English actively participated in the course: they played, sang songs, played games- and it was all in English.

Super Simple Songs is a collection of playful, dynamic songs, which parents, children and teachers love to sing.  These songs teach children practical and useful expressions. The gestures and dance moves can be easily understood in Simple Songs. The Super Simple Songs help children to learn some basic skills e.g.: counting, alphabet, colors, shapes, directions, days of week, body parts, clothing and many other things. Super Simple Songs raise children’s awareness of phonetical rules, teach by using sounds, pictures and words – this helps children to better write and read in English. 


We encourage you to enter our website, on which you can find all lyrics and music of Super Simple Songs  www.youtube.pl. You can also watch the songs in form of an interesting cartoon – movies on the http://www.supersimplesongs.com website.

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