International educational projects Our students are the participants of international projects -A festival celebration. Christmas cards exchange with foreign partners and Weihnachtsbaum schmücken-Decorating a Christmas Tree. They write their own books with the information about themselves , say about their interests , hobbies , traditional family customs. They send Christmas cards all over the world . As the part of the project Weihnachtsbaum schmücken-Decorating a ChristmasTtree- there will be a meeting with the other participants. Students from different European countries will have an opportunity to talk to each other via Skype. They will have a chance to present Christmas carols as well as talk about their Christmas traditions. What's more, a science teacher Mrs Anna Wolikowska , encouraged her students to take part in another project-Traveling around Europe. in a postcard . Everyone was asked to write a short text in both languages- their mother tongue as well as English. The texts were about science, traveling as well as children's dreams and wishes. The main aim of this project is to broaden students' knowledge about European countries, their tourist attractions as well as to improve their langiage skills. So far, students have received 45 Christmas cards , which are shown in our school hall. The partners of this project come from Great Britain, Turkey, Romania, Germany , Greece and France.

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