How is it possible to teach children to use past, continuous and future tenses of English language in an interesting and practical way?

„I have changed!. I will honor Christmas in my heart. I will live in the past, in the present, and in the future.”

On 19.12.2017, the children from class 3b prepared a theatrical performance, in which they could conveniently use all these tenses in English. It was „A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens in a new interpretation with Michael Jackson`s music. English language played a key role both in written and spoken. The three spirits of past, present and future Christmas allowed them to come to like English grammar.   

The main subject, which was connected with the Christmas time, charity, self-development allowed children to stop and think of values of life. It reassured them that the matter of giving brings more happiness than just taking and it is important to make changes starting from yourself.  

For this event there was no better choice than the Michael Jackson`s songs.


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