Can learning be pleasant ? Definitely YES!
Out teachers – participants of the project  – went to cinema
Rejs in Słupsk to see a film show presented as a part of the European Film Festival Integration Me and You ( .
They could admire the art of the Spanish and Polish directors. They continued their meeting with European cinematography in the local pizzeria. After eating a BIG pizza, ordered in English, of course, our teachers talked about their impressions concerning the films they had seen. There was a heated debate about the problems raised in the films such as: single motherhood, physical and intellectual disability, chronic child disease, Alzheimer disease. The conversation was lead in English and German. The initiators of the meetings were: the project coordinator Mrs. Ela Pajewska and Mrs. M.Nastalska – librarian and ethics teacher. There were also people watching over the language appropriateness of the teachers` debate: Mrs. Patrycja Dąbska (English) and Mrs. B.Paszun (German).


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