On November 21, our School hosted Captain Rick Gilbert and soldiers from Naval Support Facility Redzikowo for the second time. Guests talked about their profession and predispositions necessary to work in the navy. Pupils of the older classes could find out what character and personality traits should be trained to be able to serve in the army. The kids also learned that an interesting aspect of being the navy soldier is the ability to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. The language of communication during the meeting was English. Our pupils once again could test their language skills and find out that in the modern world English language is the key to establish international contacts and expand knowledge about the world, which will certainly motivate them to improve their language skills.

A basketball game in which American soldiers, Polish teachers and students of the „Five” took part was also a thrill. The meeting with American guests was attended primarily by students of the seventh and sixth grades, but also representatives of fourth, fifth and first grades, in total - 177 students.

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