17.03.2017 „HOORAY, HOORAY – ST. PATRICK’S DAY !!!”

Three classes: 2 b, 2 g and 0 organized a green day in our school - St. Patrick’s Day.

The program included:

1.Green decorations in the classroom with the symbols of the ST. Patrick’s day (shamrock- three-leafed clover, Irish Flag, Leprechauns, green snake)

2.Green clothing and balloons.

3.Reading St. Patrick’s legends – the patron of Ireland

4.Song about rainbow in English „I can sing a rainbow”

5.Song „ Green”- Kiboomers

6.Where is shamrock?- the hosting class looked for luck under the pots. 

7.„Go away big green snake”- Chasing out the green snake. 

8.Irish dance starring children from class 2 b

9.The green picnic on green rugs with delicious green food.

10.Gifts for our colleagues from group 0 – Leprechaunes

It was a very good, green play… combined with learning, fun and time spent together.

Renata Rzepecka


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