"Słupsk in Europe, Europe in Słupsk"

Our project „Słupsk in Europe, Europe in Słupsk - mobility of teaching staff from Primary School no 5 in Słupsk as the key to extensive school development and European promotion in the City” endeavor to changes and activities in different areas of school functioning. Eleven teachers from our school are going to participate in linguistic and methodological training courses in countries such as Malta, UK and Austria. The participants have been chosen in relation to the school needs and priorities. There are early school education teachers, Science, Mathematics, IT, Ethics, Polish and foreign languages teachers. School needs are represented in the project aims and they include:
- the reinforcement of the European dimension of the school and promotion of values such as multiculturalism, tolerance and polyglotism;
- the increase of different language skills of the school staff;
-the expansion of the teacher’s knowledge about the latest methods and forms of teaching;
- the use of new information technology in class;
- the modification of the teaching programs considering the students needs and abilities.
The motivation, skills and competences of the teachers, are the key factors in achieving high quality learning outcomes. The efforts of the teaching staff should be at all times supported by continuous professional development. Taking part in foreign language courses will contribute to the development of English and German languages by practicing in a variety of social and professional contexts, developing understanding and knowledge, gaining confidence and fluency in speaking which will contribute to the teacher’s personal and professional development. The participants will broaden their knowledge about technological innovations and teaching methodology for talented students. This knowledge may result in satisfying different students’ needs, in particular those of the disabled and endangered with social exclusion. The course will offer practical ideas for the classroom, for working with different learning preferences and styles. The participants will have a chance to share their own ideas and experience with the participants from other countries. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to collect relevant materials, make contact with the native speakers and teachers from other countries and take part in the school’s social and cultural program. All the contacts will result in a partnership with different european schools. The students will have the opportunity to develop their language skills and learn about other countries and nationalities through various international projects.
All these positive experiences will contribute to the modification of the current teaching programs and will be introduced to the European school development plan. Primary School no 5 will become a  competitive place and will achieve better results in teaching.
The experience gained by the teachers will be spread among the other teachers in our school and will be included in all the teaching, didactic, protective and educational plans and in the school educational program.

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